wine & music pairing

‘This show is a live “wine tasting concert” where a wine is paired with each pair of songs in a featured artist tribute. As the curator and presenter, I learn as much as I can about the music and its history and select a full array of wines that fit the bill. 

When the lights go down it's a pairing like no other, creating sense memories of familiar sounds and brand new tastes in the exciting environment of a rock show. In between the tunes, I lead the group through our selections by highlighting characteristics in the structure, origin, and sensory qualities of the wine and relating them to musically significant information to the pieces in tribute. This program is interactive, informative, and performative and has delighted audiences in New York City, Boston, and Upstate New York.

past programs

Winter 2020 - Soul 70’s - “Sounding Voices from Philadelphia and Beyond” - featuring Max Puglisi’s Loop Lounge \\

Fall 2019 - Music of Marvin Gaye - "From Love Songs to What's Going On?" -featuring the 'Umpteen People' collaboration \\\

Summer 2019 - Doobie Brothers & Toto "Textures & Orchestration" \\

Winter 2019 - Santana & The Eagles "Defining the California Sound" \

Fall 2018 - Steely Dan & Allman Brothers "Dualism & Re-Interpreting Conventions" 

past projects


the GuitArchive project

2017: The GuitArchive Project is a unique production bringing together local guitarists, culinarians, fresh farmed ingredients, and the artisans of the Infinite Pop collective to invigorate a room of listeners with the sounds, sights, smells, and tastes of different genres of guitar music.  We curate a unique experience designed to help contextualize the variety of guitar artistries through a local lens. In 2017, each performance was specifically paired with an inspired small plate dish by Chef Carl Helgersen of Otro Cinco using locally-sourced ingredients from Mark Pawliww of Farm to Fork 101 to create a social dining experience inundated in art.

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mardi gras parade crawl

2016 & 2017: Mardi Gras Downtown "Parade Crawl", is a hybrid staged and mobile production; a New Orleans-style brass band-led bar crawl. Featuring rising jazz artist Melissa Gardiner's 8 piece marching dance band Second Line Syracuse, we brought an audience from the outfitted venue stage to four partnered restaurants and bars. At each stop, paraders enjoyed Mardi Gras inspired hors d'ouevres and drinks while we celebrated with beads, noisemakers, and call-and-response group singing.

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syracuse sounds listening party

2017: Hosted a series of listening parties to showcase local music recorded and released throughout the year by a number of artists in the burgeoning music scene. Each artist representative (bandmembers, producers, engineers) presented 1-2 songs and spoke to a dining audience about the process and the pieces.


open jam party

2015 - 2018. The Open Jam Party is a series of regular musical meetups. Musicians are encouraged to gather in a welcoming environment to spontaneously create music together in rotating groups for the sake of growth, idea exchange, and networking. Sometimes the jam is colored by a featured guest artist, but it is rarely defined by genre or players. For three years the Alto Cinco Open Jam Network grew to an online community of 237 regional musicians and became "a major asset to the restaurant in bringing in business" and "fortify[ing it] as a musician's hot spot". 

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