venue manager

I am presently the Venue Manager of City Winery Boston. I oversee all of our venue staff: production, artist hospitality, box office, security, vendors, and service. I help grow our customer experience, drive operational success by advancing strategy, and developing our staff to live the company's mission of enriching people's lives with the power of music, wine, and food. 

event programming & hospitality

I love to write, create, plan, and execute events that cross into all of my disciplines - music, food, beverage - pairings for music of wine, food (or both!), community music events, craft cocktail classes, and more. I do this with City Winery and independently and have a history of success with unique formats. Check out my new Instagram account where all of this stuff is amassing. @stereodinner

concert series curation

For almost three years I booked and ran a concert series at two restaurant/bar venues in Syracuse, NY. In that time, I helped foster artistic growth in a creatively bereft community by providing an equity-focused, curated patronage of art and events for artists and appreciators. Success with the series brought notoriety and I became a production consult for local artists and promoters, noticeably growing the business of the establishments I worked with. Below you can find some of the creative visual content I produced for the series, but the memories of hundreds of amazing shows are tougher to access.

music performance & recordings

I am a performing musician and have a few commercial music endeavors. 

-Check out my funk band, Chiggin, below. 

-I also perform as a one-man band with looping technology where I cover popular rap & r&B hits of the 90's and early 2000's. 

-Portfolio recordings are more serious artistic undertakings I co-produced in a number of different studios or helped record live. 

Like to talk about working together in some of these capacities?

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audible portfolio

sonic creations

Soundcloud is my recording portfolio. Performed on all tracks, co-engineered and co-produced most.

Below you can find my two commercial music projects, solo work and my funk band, Chiggin.

original music

The Presence Suite is a four movement “shortplay” album that is  through-composed and sees musical and lyrical themes developed over the  course of a ten minute “song".

CHIGGIN is a raucous funk fusion party band serving up crispy fried cuts to rustle tail feathers n' butts. 

The  bird draws its hype style from the soundscapes of funk, jazz fusion,  hip hop, and progressive rock to cook up original and borrowed grooves. 

check it all out