event production & hospitality

event production & hospitality


I book artist tours and co-present independently in venues throughout the country. As an agent with RiFT Music in Austin, I represent a small roster of outlaw and indie artists, routing them through Texas toward familiar faces in the Northeast.


 Chat with me about what's upcoming! Recall sounds of years past by checking out some of the posters I designed for my concert series in Syracuse, which still anchors my work in strongly in New York State.

event production & hospitality

event production & hospitality

event production & hospitality


Under my new brand, Stereo Dinner, 

l design experiences to bring communities together around a table to celebrate musical and culinary arts.

 We produce VIP "Meet, Greet, and Eats",

Live Wine & Music Pairing Concerts,  Community Listening Parties, and more. 

At a picturesque vineyard lodge venue in Austin, I book and oversee weddings, curate local music tourism retreats, organize wine industry events, and design creative lodging programs.

live & recorded

live & recorded

live & recorded


I am a performing musician with a few commercial endeavors. 

Check out my funk band, Chiggin, below. 

I also perform as a one-man band with looping technology where I cover popular rap & R&B hits of the 90's and early 2000's.


Portfolio recordings and 'Presence' are more serious artistic undertakings I co-produced in a number of different studios or helped record live. 

venue mgmt

live & recorded

live & recorded


For over 2 years I served as Venue Manager of City Winery in New York City and Boston. I oversaw all venue staff: production, artist hospitality, box office, security, vendors, and service to present the best possible night of live music, wine, and food. 

I helped grow the guest experience, drive operational success by advancing strategy, and develop staff to live the company's mission. 

audible portfolio

sonic creations

Soundcloud is my recording portfolio. Performed on all tracks, co-engineered and co-produced most.

Below you can find my two commercial music projects, solo work and my funk band, Chiggin.

original music

The Presence Suite is a four movement “shortplay” album that is  through-composed and sees musical and lyrical themes developed over the  course of a ten minute “song".

CHIGGIN is a raucous funk fusion party band serving up crispy fried cuts to rustle tail feathers n' butts. 

The  bird draws its hype style from the soundscapes of funk, jazz fusion,  hip hop, and progressive rock to cook up original and borrowed grooves.