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professional background

I currently serve as the Venue Manager at City Winery Boston. At one of our brand's newest locations, I bring expertise from the NYC flagship where I served as the Venue Manager for our new space, The Loft, and as Service Manger for the entire property. Daily leadership of an operation boasting over 400 concerts and 200 high profile events annually has equipped me to develop our unique brand in Boston and deliver memorable experiences to hundreds of thousands of concertgoers annually.

I come from the venue management world. I spent the three years before my time with CW building multiple concert series in Syracuse, NY where, prior to my professional endeavors, I graduated from Syracuse University's Music & Entertainment Industries Program. I found a pocket for my expertise in combining concert production skills with my lifelong experience and passion for restaurant work. Keeping both worlds together, I created and promoted many independent productions & events through opportunities in the growing arts, culinary, craft beverage, and entrepreneurial communities in Syracuse. Now at City Winery, I manage some aspect of all of those realms of expertise in one building. 

I am privileged to have had a unique view into the live music business- learning firsthand from the leading minds in the mainstream music industry, building a musical community from the grassroots level, working on the cutting edge of not-for-profit fine arts, coalescing my hospitality skills with my event productions knowledge, and thriving in top venues like Carnegie Hall. I have the tools so that in any role I fill I will make music HAPPEN.

As I continue to grow my career, I am actively seeking more experience in largescale concert production, programming and operations. Also have eyes for startups and seeking out investment opportunities.